Best Pals

I don’t actually remember beating Falkner, but that’s not too surprising. When you’re as used to excellence as I am, you don’t even notice it all the time any more. That’s why I get all these blackouts. The important thing to take from this is that I got me a badge, bitches!

Blind with excitement, I do a victory lap around the gym. This is perhaps not the best idea. Crashing into one of the pillars, I must have accidentally dialed Elm on my phone, because he’s doin’ some pretty intense yammering. Something about the egg. I just say yes to everything; it’s the easiest way to shut him up.

Ah, no way! Aide! How long’s it been, dude? Put it here! Pound it! Twist it! Pull it! Flick it! Spin it! Bop it! Lock it! Best pals best pals lets do this thing!

Shit, bro! How the fuck are you? What are you doing in this shithole? Wait, wait. Hold on, dude. Check this out. Fuck yeah it’s a badge! ‘course. You know how I do. Haha, yeah. Allright, dude. You go run and do your shit. Yeah, smell you later too.

Well that was just fucking outstanding.


~ by Grell on August 19, 2009.

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