About the Quest

There was a rumor, much touted in my elementary school, that on a brand-new Yellow version, after beating the team rocket guy on that bridge, you could say yes to joining Team Rocket. This rumor is B.S. You cannot, in any pokemon game (barring some freakish tabletop RPG), become a member of that illicit organization. Unless, of course, you have a lot of imagination, a lot a determination, and a lot of hope. Young Grell has those in spades. Join him as he wanders through the world of pokemon, prohibited from joining the gang he idolizes, trying to win their respect.

The version is silver. The narrative’s gold. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Grell’s Rocket Quest.

I derived a lot of inspiration for this blog from Living in Oblivion. It’s much the same concept, only in a game that actually allows you to do that sort of thing.


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