Grell’s Lies

Grell contradicts himself fairly frequently. Why? Because he is a liar. But he doesn’t always lie. Let me clear a few things up:

  • Nobody sells ether.  It is impossible to buy it.
  • Grell has never seen a prostitute.  There are actually no whores of any kind in all of Johto.
  • Awakening is a placebo.  All the effects Grell experienced were the products of his own imagination.
  • Magic is not real.  Anything involving magic or anyone associated with magic is all in Grell’s head.
  • Exchanging pokemon eggs with someone does not constitute sexual intercourse.
  • Grell does, in fact, own a trusty knife.  It’s under the table in his mom’s attic.
  • Grell does not have a father.  He was genetically engineered by the government.
  • Grell has never killed anyone.  It is unlikely he ever will.
  • Sprout Tower contains no cultists, no traps, and no death pits.
  • Items cannot be cursed.
  • Professor Elm is fairly young.
  • Professor Elm lies to Grell with some frequency.
  • Pokemon do not die in fights.  They are merely knocked out.
  • Antidote has no effect on humans.
  • Sound cannot take solid form.
  • Grell has never been possessed by vengeful spirits.
  • HM stands for “Hidden Move” and is a technique you can teach to pokemon.
  • Grell has never physically abused any of his pokemon.
  • Grell buys his own clothes.
  • Pokemon centers do not offer free food.
  • Pokemon centers cannot bring pokemon back from the dead.

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