Quest Rules

Below are the rules I will be following on my quest.  They are subject to change as appropriate.

  1. Grell can only catch and use Team Rocket pokemon.  Since it’s a little while before he can get his first rattata, he just has to run away from all fights until then.
  2. Grell can only use items completely necessary to the quest.  This means no potions, no TMs, no berries, no bicycle.
  3. Grell cannot be rich.  He must spend all money he gets as soon as possible (on items he cannot use).
  4. Grell cannot use the pokemon daycare.
  5. Grell cannot get his pokemon groomed.
  6. Unless already headed back to an area with a Pokemon Center for other reasons, Grell must fight until he whites out.

The rules can be contradicted as needed to advance the game (such as catching a throwaway water pokemon to get over water or catching a throwaway pokemon to use cut).  I cannot, however, violate them in a permanent manner (I cannot, say, teach cut to a pokemon I intend to use).  These are the ‘Rocket’ pokemon:

  • Rattata/Raticate
  • Zubat/Golbat/Crobat
  • Ekans/Arbok
  • Koffing/Wheezing
  • Drowzee/Hypno
  • Venonat/Venomoth
  • Murkrow
  • Grimer/Muk
  • Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume
  • Houndour/Houndoom

These are ‘Rocket’ pokemon in Red/Blue but not in Gold/Silver.  I might use them if the need arises (unlikely).

  • Cubone/Marowak
  • Machop/Machoke
  • Sandshrew/Sandslash

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